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MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Saturday 7th Apr 2018 @ 00:16 UTC

Sophie, on deck: My best was for 11:08 pm on the 8th, but I'm totally regretting it now that we have this nice pressure. I think I'm not going to win. Willy, on the wheel, talks in Spanish about his bet. Neti talks about his bet (also in Spanish). Pablo: talks about their arrival in Spanish. Blair: 12 local time on the 8th. I'm looking good... Bit of fun, anyway. Neti is the one that draws it up on the board. Neti talks in Spanish. Blair: Rob's already talking about how there's going to be another buy in. Rob: My times are 2:30-3:30 in the afternoon, local time. And also 9:30 at night. But the ETA's moved forward, so I think my time might be late. I might buy in again; 50 Euros. Xabi, in the wheel, talks in Spanish. We see the whiteboard below with the bets recorded. (I note that Ugo has a bet. Also, Pablo is listed as "PATAN"?)

Antonio 'Ñeti' Cuervas-Mons, Blair Tuke, Pablo Arrarte, Rob Greenhalgh, Sophie Ciszek, Willy Altadill, Xabi Fernández

Arrival, Betting, Brazil, Money, Pool, Whiteboard

Turn The Tide On Plastic by Sam Greenfield — published Friday 6th Apr 2018 @ 14:57 UTC

Lucas, on deck in light conditions before sunrise: Because we're enjoying ourselves so much out here, and are so in touch with nature, we thought we'd come up with some romantic sea poems. Frederico on the helm: Oh wind oh wind. Where are you wind? Oh wind. We used to be friends... Come back my wind. Don't be shy my wind. I love you my wind. (people laugh in the background). Sunrise. Liz: Oh winch oh winch I wish you would turn. Lucas: 130 miles to the finish. Liz goes aloft, walking lazily up the side of the mast.

Frederico Pinheiro de Melo, Liz Wardley, Lucas Chapman

Going Aloft, Light Conditions, Oh Winch I Wish You Would Turn, Oh Wind Oh Wind, Poetry, Sunrise

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Friday 6th Apr 2018 @ 05:12 UTC

Sophie, on the bow: It is what it is I guess. Boredom has set in. Getting lots of sleep, and eating what bits of food we have... Have to admit the racing vibe on board is kind of relaxed... Just doing what we can to get there. We're all feeling a bit tired of the situation and looking forward to getting in. Instruments. Sophie and Blair lounging on the foredeck. Blair looks at a small notebook.

Blair Tuke, Sophie Ciszek

Boredom, Discussing the competition, Eating What Food We Have, Light Winds, Notebook, The Racing Vibe Is Kind Of Relaxed

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Thursday 5th Apr 2018 @ 09:48 UTC

Below, Neti counts out days and food. Discusses with Rob and Tamara how much food they have and how many days remain. Discussion in Spanglish. Neti gets out the hydrogenerator and talks about it in Spanish. I guess they need to conserve deisel fuel to drive the watermaker? As he talks in Spanish I catch commentary about Itajai and "much hambre". Ah. Rob opens the emergency watermaker. "About 40 minutes each. I guess it depends on how thirsty you are." He demonstrates pumping the handle of the watermaker.

Antonio 'Ñeti' Cuervas-Mons, Rob Greenhalgh, Támara Echegoyen

Emergency Watermaker, Food, Short Rations, Spanish, Translation Needed

Team AkzoNobel by James Blake — published Thursday 5th Apr 2018 @ 04:05 UTC

Cool nighttime drone shot of AkzoNobel sailing in light wind under a cloudy sky with lightning flashes visible behind them. In the dark, Jules talks with Simeon about it. Jules explains that they have a supercell behind them. Are concerned about the plate on the keel giving way and letting lots of water into the boat if they go over 20 knots. "It's an interesting evening." Nicolai: "I think it's too early for the J2." He talks about getting a proper thunder cell to get them to the finish. More drone shots. Favoriting for the beautiful drone photography, mostly.

Jules Salter, Nicolai Sehested

An Interesting Evening, Damage, Drone, Favorite, Finish, Keel, Lightning, Night, Supercell, Thunderstorm

Team AkzoNobel by James Blake — published Wednesday 4th Apr 2018 @ 18:57 UTC

Distant drone shot of AkzoNobel sailing with the sunset behind them. Luke, below: Unfortunately we've just found out that the wind has gotten lighter. We're going to be out here another two days or so. At least we're not neck and neck with another boat. Drone shots of them sailing wiht the MH0 in 10 knots of wind. Nicolai on the helm: To be honest I don't mind too much. I'd rather get in and get some rest, but we shouldn't complain. A lot of people had it a lot worse than we did. We've got through this leg in a really good position; we should be grateful for that.

Luke Molloy, Nicolai Sehested

Drone, Light Winds, Mh0, Shouldn't Complain, Sunset, We Should Be Grateful

Turn The Tide On Plastic by Sam Greenfield — published Wednesday 4th Apr 2018 @ 09:38 UTC

Liz, in the morning, points to the high pressure to starboard. "That there is the center of hell." Elodie says "good morning" as she climbs out the companionway. Lucas steers. Bianca makes a face. Bianca: "Pain. Lots of pain." Elodie: "Happy morning, Freddy." Liz does a puppet show with two red gummy animals (dinosaurs?): "Hello. I'm a diplodocus." "I'm a dinosaur too, but I don't know what kind I am." She eats one of the dinosaurs. "It's all getting a bit weird out here." Bleddyn eases the runner, making a loud noise. "Sorry Henry." He does it again. "Sorry Frankie." Bianca: "Cape Horn feels like it was weeks ago... As long as we beat MAPFRE it's fine." Below, Dee and Liz get the latest sched. Dee: "They were doing 5.1 knots." Liz (excited, dancing in her seat): "We were doing 9.6! We were doing 9.6!" Dee laughs. "Ah. How sad for them." They both laugh. In the cockpit, Elodie and Bianca ask Sam about the position report. Elodie: "How is it?" Bianca: "Are you gonna tell us how it was?" Lucas, on the helm: "MAPFRE, 20 miles in front." They laugh. Lucas: "Another 10 days out here, Sam." He pumps his fist. "Yes!" Dee comes up from below, putting on her sunglasses to try to hide her expression. She laughs. "I can't hide it. I tried to look really sad but I can't do it." She claps. "We were twice as fast as them!" She summarizes the current distances. 99 miles ahead of MAPFRE with 660 miles to go. Dee, below: "Nice to have some good news." She and Liz talk about AkzoNobel; Dee doesn't think they're going to get them. Rainbow, sunset.

Bianca Cook, Bleddyn Mon, Dee Caffari, Elodie Jane Mettraux, Liz Wardley, Lucas Chapman

Cape Horn, Discussing the competition, Dinosaurs, Diplodocus, Favorite, Food, Gummy Animals, High Pressure, Morning, Nice To Have Some Good News, Noise, OBR, Puppet Show, Rainbow, Runners, Sched, Sunrise, Sunset, The Center Of Hell

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Wednesday 4th Apr 2018 @ 03:45 UTC

Pablo, by the mast as MAPFRE sails in 6 knots of wind, talks in Spanish. Neti talks in Spanish. Tamara talks in Spanish. Blair, on the foredeck: We've still got 800 miles to go. Brunel is just finishing now. They sailed a very good leg. Hopefully Brunel can hang on (against Dongfeng). Selfish for us, but we want to keep a couple more points away from Dongfeng. Below, Pablo through food bags, and Xabi at the nav station announces that Brunel won. Pablo: "yes, yes." Rob announces it to the cockpit: "Brunel won." Xabi talks in Spanish about the result.

Antonio 'Ñeti' Cuervas-Mons, Blair Tuke, Pablo Arrarte, Rob Greenhalgh, Támara Echegoyen, Xabi Fernández

Discussing the competition, Spanish, Translation Needed

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018 @ 10:35 UTC

Whole video is a single web-cam shot of Bouwe doing an interview in English with a French-accented (I think?) journalist. Bouwe talks about the remainder of the leg, the pitfalls, match racing wth Dongfeng to the finish, how winning this leg would change the whole complexion of the scoreboard for them, and how the difficulty of this leg compares with his previous 7 Volvos. But the wind going aft and staying strong through virtually the entire leg means it's over that much sooner.

Bouwe Bekking

Discussing the competition, Experience, Interview, Nav Station, Scoreboard, Southern Ocean, Webcam, Winning

Turn The Tide On Plastic by Sam Greenfield — published Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018 @ 10:12 UTC

Setting moon behind the clew of the MH0 as TTToP sails on starboard. Camera pans to starboard to show the sunrise. Liz, on the helm: Slowly escaping the little ball of high pressure we've been stuck in. In the last sched MAPFRE was doing 3 knots slower, more stuck in it. On the bow, Bianca looks at a mess. "We've had birds go on the boat, but I think this might be squid ink. A bit of an explosion." Shot looking aft from the end of the bowsprit (go Sam!) as Bianca rigs a furler on the red tack line. Bianca: Unfortunately we got stuck in the high. On the pedestal, Brian talks about their narrow (possible) escape from the clutches of the high pressure. Graphic: What's stuck in everyone's head today? Francesca dances and sings: I'll follow you, deep sea baby... Henry sings, someone (Bianca? Whoever's trimming the main with her face concealed in a balaclava) sings, Francesca sings. Then Bleddyn recites: I'll follow you. Deep sea baby. Title: 743 nm to Itajai.

Bianca Cook, Bleddyn Mon, Francesca Clapcich, Henry Bomby, Liz Wardley

743 Nm To Itajai, Bowsprit, Discussing the competition, Dancing, High Pressure, I'll Follow You Deep Sea Baby, Mh0, Moon, Singing, Squid Ink, Sunrise, What's Stuck In Everyone's Head Today

Team AkzoNobel by James Blake — published Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018 @ 08:57 UTC

Drone shot of AkzoNobel reaching unde the MH0 in 10 knots of wind. Nicolai, below: The keel situation is not improving, unfortunately. It's gone the other way. Bailing... It's coming in quicker than we can almost get it out. Luke: Everyone's tired at the end of our Southern Ocean leg. Having to bail every 15 mintues. In another 6 to 7 hours it will moderate. Shot of bailing. Nicolai: No rules when it comes to fixing boats in the Volvo. You can do whatever you have to. I went into Luke's crew bag and stole one of his socks... Luke: I'm happy to take one for the team, and do what it takes to get us to the finish line. Sandals!

Luke Molloy, Nicolai Sehested

Bailing, Breakage, Drone, Happy To Take One For The Team, Jury Rig, Keel, Leak, Light Conditions, No Rules When It Comes To Fixing Boats In The Volvo, Repair, Sock

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018 @ 02:52 UTC

Brunel sailing fast, reaching on starboard under cloudy skies. Coiling, grinding. Bouwe: I think I'm pretty confident how our boatspeed is going. We sailed the boat very well over the last 14 days. And with the people we have on board we should be able to match-race them (referring to Dongfeng, presumably).

Bouwe Bekking

Boatspeed, Discussing the competition, Confidence, Match Racing

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018 @ 01:05 UTC

Blair, sitting on deck in light winds, talks about how their goal for the rest of this leg is catching TTToP. Talks about high pressure ridge, and they got further away, unfortunately. Sailing upwind. Not good for them. Going to try to analyze and look for an opportunity later on. Sunrise shot. Trimming. Joan looking at the chart. Joan talking with Rob (I think) in the cockpit about their prospects for catching TTToP.

Blair Tuke, Joan Vila

Discussing the competition, Light Winds, Nav Station, Ridge, Strategy, Sunrise

Dongfeng Race Team by Martin Keruzoré — published Monday 2nd Apr 2018 @ 21:43 UTC

Intense no-dialog video of Kevin driving; everyone at the back of the boat focused on forward motion. Then all the crew take turns telling "two words to describe the final sprint." Daryl: The last 24 hours is going to be a battle of epic proportions with Brunel. Carolijn: Vamos Dongfeng! Horace: Something in Mandarin. Kevin: Win it. Pascal: Something in French? Marie: Something in French? Jeremie: Three points. Jack: Long. And wet. Spray on the bow.

Carolijn Brouwer, Chen Jinhao 'Horace', Daryl Wislang, Jack Bouttell, Jérémie Beyou, Kevin Escoffier, Marie Riou, Pascal Bidégorry

Everyone Answers A Question, French, Long And Wet, Mandarin, Translation Needed, Two Words To Describe The Final Sprint

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Monday 2nd Apr 2018 @ 18:35 UTC

Bouwe trims the mainsheet on the stern. He looks astern. "It's the little French/Chinese bus [?]. The red bus. Dongfeng." Bouwe talks about Thomas: "He's an old Dongfeng team member, and I'm sure he'd like to beat Charles very badly." Thomas, on the helm: "Yes. I'm 100% 120%. To beat my old friends." Slomo spray.

Bouwe Bekking, Thomas Rouxel

120 Percent Motivated To Beat My Old Friends, Discussing the competition, Former Teammates, Motification

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Monday 2nd Apr 2018 @ 14:59 UTC

Sailing in the pre-dawn. "Beautiful morning." Full moon. Kyle and Abby do winch repair in the half-light. Kyle: Got a bit of wind coming in the next 24 hours, and the winch has had a few issues, so we're just pulling it apart and servicing it. Bouwe talks about winning the leg being a really nice icing on the cake after being first to Cape Horn. Disappointing results up to now, getting better and better, but the results haven't been there. But we've seen in previous races that a lot can happen from Brazil to the finish. So if we can score maximum points, maybe the cards will be a little bit on our favor.

Bouwe Bekking, Kyle Langford

Beautiful Morning, Dawn, Disappointment, Getting Better And Better But Results Haven't Been There, Moon, Winch, Winch Repair, Winning The Leg

Turn The Tide On Plastic by Sam Greenfield — published Monday 2nd Apr 2018 @ 10:52 UTC

Dee, in sunrise: It's Easter Sunday. And if we're good boys and girls we'll get Easter Eggs. But what we really want is a working rig on starboard. Lucas: New rules of the boat: Can't sail on starboard. Only on port. Sort of like a one-legged duck. (he quacks) Liz: we can't sail with the full main, cant' sail with any masthead sails, can't slam into any waves, can't say the f-bomb on deck because someone might think we've just broken the mast. Bleddyn: [Something about poo bags. Probably just as well I can't understand.] Liz explains she'll go up with a spanner and try to get the spreader back in while someone on deck leans on the stay to try to pop it back. "Someone biggish." They look at Frederico. "It's not going to break?" They laugh. Liz goes aloft. Gopro (garmin) footage. "Strops are on." She uses a grinder on deck to shave down the wrench. Bleddyn: We have a grand total of 1/4 turn. So about 40 steps to go. Frederico bounces on the stay. Dee and Brian talk by the wheel; Liz cheers from the mast. "Dee! It's done!" Dee: "Now that's an Easter chick if ever I saw one." Liz: This spanner is going into the Hall of Fame. Henry: 2018 years ago, Jesus rose from the dead. And we've just resurrected our mast. Liz, in the dark, talks about the screwing in. Below, Franscesca: "It's a miracle." Dee: "The race is back on." "1000 miles to go you guys." Gopro shot of liz signing the mast with a white pen: "01/04/2018 Rig = 0 // Liz = 1 !!!" Plus a tongue-sticking-out happy face.

Bleddyn Mon, Dee Caffari, Francesca Clapcich, Frederico Pinheiro de Melo, Henry Bomby, Liz Wardley, Lucas Chapman

1000 Miles To Go, Breakage, Can't Say The F-bomb, Easter, Favorite, Going Aloft, GoPro, Happy Face, Mast, Mast Repair, Poo Bags, Quacking, Repair, Signing The Mast, Sort Of Like A One-legged Duck, Spanner, Spreader, Spreader Repair, Sunrise, We've Just Resurrected Our Mast, Wrench

Team AkzoNobel by James Blake — published Monday 2nd Apr 2018 @ 09:59 UTC

Closeups of water leaking out from something below. Simeon explains: He noticed when he was going to light the fire for cooking. Water was squirting out of the cover plate of the keel box. Nicolai talking with him. Brad gets out gear to go for a little swim. "Just jump in for a quick swim and see what I can find." On deck in the pre-dawn. Brad goes down in a survival suit, it looks like, with goggles. He pulls himself down to the keel. Calls for slack. Brad comes back: Two cover plates for the keel box. There's a gaping hole about that big in the bottom of our boat. Should be sealed here (inside). Going to have to come up with a way to sail the boat without pushing water inside the boat. Simeon: A bit of slamming, because of the big speeds, broke part of the cover plate of the keel. Simeon, Jules, and Nicolai discuss. Nicolai on the phone, asking about reinforcing with battens on the inside. Simeon: Keep an eye on it, maybe make some reinforcements. They remove the cover plate inside. Fiddle with reinforcements. Reattaching the cover plate. Beautiful sunset drone shot. Simeon: Not so much a repair as much as a reinforcement. "We think this will bring us to Itajai safely, and otherwise I'll have to sit on top of it."

Brad Farrand, Jules Salter, Nicolai Sehested, Simeon Tienpont

Breakage, Keel, Keel Box, Over The Side, Reinforcement, Repair, Telelphone, Water Leak

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Monday 2nd Apr 2018 @ 00:53 UTC

Rob, on the helm in light air: Got the mainsail back up 24 hours ago. Did a couple of days with no main. Not sheeting too hard; I'd say we're at 95%. Joan talks in the cockpit in Spanish. Rob: Provisioned this leg for 19 days, and are a bit over 20. So basically we're running out. We're all right on freeze dried. But snacks are running out. Going to be a few hungry people when we get to Brazil. Bow. Drone shots as they sail with MH0 and full main.

Joan Vila, Rob Greenhalgh

Brazil, Discussing the competition, Drone, Food, Food Shortage, Main, Repair, Spanish, Translation Needed

Dongfeng Race Team by Martin Keruzoré — published Sunday 1st Apr 2018 @ 23:35 UTC

Charles, at the nav station, talks in French. I hear him mention Vestas (dismasted) and MAPFRE (suspended and resumed). Then in English: Are two boats with us. High pressure; light spots. We are fighting for the first place with Brunel. But people are tired and the biggest mistake we could do would be to push too much and break something. Have to find a good balance. Come back, but sail safe. There is a good gap for the moment. If you take the ranking at the moment, we would be taking the lead for the Volvo. Want to put one boat between MAPFRE and us. Akzo will easily finish ahead of MAPFRE, but TTToP has a problem, and they might finish behind MAPFRE. Doesn't know what they're problem is, but they've slowed down a lot in the last two days, so probably a rig problem. Hope they can stay ahead of MAPFRE; that would be great for us. But we'll see. Horace talks in Mandarin, presumably about the same thing (I hear him mention TTToP).

Charles Caudrelier, Chen Jinhao 'Horace'

Avoiding Breakdowns, Discussing the competition, French, Mandarin, Pushing, Safety, Strategy, Translation Needed

Dongfeng Race Team by Martin Keruzoré — published Sunday 1st Apr 2018 @ 09:49 UTC

Sunrise washing machine. Jack: Why does it seem like we're always slowly going backwards? Video then reverses, runs backwards. Reverse slowmo washing machine shots. Jack: Acutally no, let's get to Italjai; full speed. Let's go. Wake shot. Fast reaching.

Jack Bouttell

Reverse Video, Slow-mo, Sunrise, Wake, Washing Machine

Team AkzoNobel by James Blake — published Sunday 1st Apr 2018 @ 09:20 UTC

Beautiful sunset (I think) drone shot, with AkzoNobel coming into view. Albatross in the foreground with crepuscular rays. Are you kidding me? Nicolai, below: You're never going to take it easy. You're going to use the boat as hard as you can, push it as hard as you can. Seeing the other boats doesn't make me more nervous; it just makes me want to keep the boat going. Do the daily checks; keep the boat in one piece. Brad, on the stern: Maybe take it a little more cautiously, make sure we don't come a cropper. Nicolai: Lots of monitoring systems, checking the load of different hydraulics. In the lighter stuff can check everything, including steering systems. Looking up the rig. Brad explains that what you're looking for when looking up the rig. Nicolai: Things break every day. It's just about finding it in time and fixing it before it snowballs. Washing machine shots. Favoriting mostly for that drone sequence.

Brad Farrand, Nicolai Sehested

Albatross, Bird, Drone, Favorite, Load, Monitoring, Pushing The Boat Hard, Repairs, Rig, Sunset, Things Break Every Day, Washing Machine

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Sunday 1st Apr 2018 @ 09:03 UTC

Rob steers as MAPFRE reaches with FR0, J2, and J3 but no main. Ñeti, below, talks about the conditions. Blair, below, talks aobut how they've had the main down below since leaving the Horn. Repair is curing and doing a little more hand-stitching. Time to put it up and hopefully it holds together. But it's quite a big repair, so we'll wait and see. Shot of main below. Crew wrestles the sail up. Neti: has been 36 hours since we did the track. Which is good. Shots of Rob at the back of the boom. Hoisting the main. Spreader cam view. Main hoisted. Main flying. Sophie to Neti: Shake my hand. (They shake.) Sophie: Congratulations. Neti: Looks quite good. The track is also good. Looks like the glue is working perfectly. Now we have to be conservative at the beginning. Hopefully we can keep the mainsail in one piece. Don't have much glue. But hopefully it works.

Antonio 'Ñeti' Cuervas-Mons, Blair Tuke, Rob Greenhalgh, Sophie Ciszek

Breakage, Congratulations, Hopefully It Works, Hosting The Main, Main, Mainsail Track, Repair, Sail Repair, Shake My Hand, Spreader Cam

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Sunday 1st Apr 2018 @ 08:03 UTC

Abby, below, I think everyone's really willing us to the finish. Especially hearing about other boats' problems. We had a slight problem with our rudder. I think it would be exceptional for us to win this leg. Sunrise. Abby: Just praying that nothing goes wrong with the boat between now and the finish. (You can see how Yann is almost exclusively doing crew interviews below since he injured his back.)

Abby Ehler

Breakage, Discussing the competition, Just Praying Nothing Goes Wrong With The Boat Between Now And The Finish

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Sunday 1st Apr 2018 @ 06:10 UTC

Below Abby and someone (Kyle?) work on patching a sail. Abby explains: J2 had a hole in it, from an original repair from last week. So had a 6-hour repair to fix it, and hopefully will get them to the finish.

Abby Ehler

J2, Sail Repair

Turn The Tide On Plastic by Sam Greenfield — published Saturday 31st Mar 2018 @ 16:15 UTC

Dee, below with alarm sounding, talks about frontal system gave them nasty waves, and now they have a rig issue. On deck, she explains that Liz is going up to check. GoPro (Garmin) shot from Liz's POV up the rig as she finds the starboard middle spreader popped out of the mast. Elodie explains that they are trying to bounce the mast to screw the spreader into the mast again. Not easy. Dee explains that they've received a phonecall that okays them to use the J1 and the FR0 and the reefed main. "It's good news and we're going to get sailing again!"

Dee Caffari, Elodie Jane Mettraux, Liz Wardley

Alarm, Breakage, Going Aloft, Mast, Repair, Rig Issue, Spreader

Dongfeng Race Team by Martin Keruzoré — published Saturday 31st Mar 2018 @ 16:07 UTC

Spreader cam view of foredeck, of deck, stern cam. Pascal at nav station: We are reaching with a sea state quite short and bad. Boat catches a lot of water. Very close to the front; visibility is nothing. Vestas is very close to us. Got word from them that they have been dismasted. It's really a pity for everybody but for them of course. A pity because our South Pacific during this race was really hard, stressful. It's pitiful because everybody should finish this leg.

Pascal Bidégorry

Bow, Sea State, Spreder Cam, Stern Cam, Vestas Dismasting

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Saturday 31st Mar 2018 @ 12:17 UTC

Light conditions as Brunel sails east with dusk behind them. Below, Bouwe talks about how it's a little unfair because the boats behind will get the front first. But that's racing. Crew on the foredeck in new wind struggles to make a sail change. Bouwe: In the South Atlantic. Water in still cold. Some felt like yesterday was the coldest day of sailing. Will last for another 24 hours before we can finally turn north. More shots of crew working on the foredeck, at the mast. Bouwe: Final outlook for the leg. Last 200 miles it will be game on. Big separations. Will be interesting. Crew stacking on deck. Kyle: Just heard that Vestas dropped their rig. No injuries, which is good. But tragic for those guys. Reminds us to check to make sure we stay in one piece.

Bouwe Bekking, Kyle Langford

Cold, Discussing the competition, Foredeck, Light Air, South Atlantic, Stacking, Strategy, Vestas Dismasting

Team AkzoNobel by James Blake — published Saturday 31st Mar 2018 @ 08:28 UTC

Jules, at the nav station, talks about the wind and confused sea state. Spreader cam views of washing machine on deck. Crash cam view of Nicho (based on his foulies lettering) getting washed off the helm by a wave. Below, Brad talks to Nicolai about his nose; Nicolai says he's broken it before, then pushes it back into place. Nicolai, below, talks about getting beaten up by the waves. He broke his nose last night. But nothing too serious. Jules and Simeon at the nav station talk about strategy. Nicho: Got washed off the wheel. First one I've had. Held on tight. I had two tethers on, just got washed back on my ass on the boat. Crash cam footage of the washing off again. Jules: We've also slowed down a bit. TTToP slowed down a bit due to rig issues, and Vestas has just been dismasted in this same area. Standing by... Simeon: Especially for Vestas, a tough time for those guys. Jules: At the moment hard to go max speed because of the sea state, and fear of breaking the boat. Talks about the upcoming route. A bit of a tradeoff; trying to get north as quickly as they can but also as safely as they can.

Brad Farrand, Chris Nicholson, Jules Salter, Nicolai Sehested, Simeon Tienpont

Bad Sea State, Broken Nose, Discussing the competition, Crash Cam, Dismasting, Injury, Nav Station, Nose, Stern Cam, Strategy, Vestas Dismasting, Washed Off The Wheel, Waves

Team Brunel by Yann Riou — published Friday 30th Mar 2018 @ 21:54 UTC

Someone off camera: Vestas got dismasted. Peter: Have they? That's not good... Conditions definitely aren't as bad as they have been. MAPFRE stopped; we don't know why they stopped in Cape Horn... We've obviously had a fair few issues on board... Good to hear they're all safe. But terribly bad luck.

Peter Burling

Cape Horn, Discussing the competition, Dismasting, Good To Hear They're All Safe, Southern Ocean, Terribly Bad Luck, Vestas Dismasting

MAPFRE by Ugo Fonollá — published Friday 30th Mar 2018 @ 10:53 UTC

Stern cam / crash cam shot of MAPFRE sailing on port gybe. There's a bang, and the boom drops and the main flops. This must have been when the head of the main tore free. A crewmember shouts: "Aaaaahhhh!" GoPro (Garmin) shot from the crewmember up the mast (Ñeti?). "¡Un poquito!" There's glue and stuff on the mast. The torn upper edge of the lower part of the main is visible. They approach their support boat at anchor. Drone shots of them rafted alongside. Someone on the shore team talks in Spanish. Pablo: In one sense we were lucky to break so close by. Ñeti, covered in glue, talks about the attempt to repair the mast. He's more concerned about the mainsail. It's in two pieces. Quite a tricky repair with the material they have here and where they are. And it's quite cold, so curing is hard. In the dark, Xabi talks in Spanish about the repair attempts. I think he said departing in half an hour. Shots of them working on the mainsail. Glue, hot air gun, cluing the mast track. Time-lapse shot of them working on the mainsail repair. They pull away from the support boat in the night with wind howling around them.

Antonio 'Ñeti' Cuervas-Mons, Pablo Arrarte, Xabi Fernández

Breakage, Cape Horn, Cold, Cove, Crash Cam, Favorite, Glue, Going Aloft, GoPro, Mainsail, Mast Track, Repair, Stern Cam, Support Boat, Suspension Of Racing, Time Lapse