MAPFRE sails on their weather quarter. Martine stacks below. Competitor on the horizon to port. Nicho: Most of the boats are pretty much in a line southeast to northwest, coming into the ridge. Hoping things will be better for us crossing the ridge to the right, to the north. I don't think anyone really knows where they need to be. But this is the plan we've had, so we're happy. Talking now about how we change sails crossing the ridge to the finish. That's going to be key: Will have to change sails, but doing it fast and getting back up to speed as soon as we can. Jules talking about competition; talking about Dongfeng's (I think?) strategy. How they're the fastest reaching. Luke, from the helm: Not the fastest Volvo boat ever though. (Referring to Akzo's speed record from leg 9.) He grins.Bouwe, below, reads the latest sched: Three tenths slower than Akzo. Akzo sailed 601 miles in 24 hours. Bouwe: That's a pretty nice effort. They're now 10 miles ahead of us. So that's the biggest news of the day. There's a big impact; he looks around concerned, then settles down. Sam: Are you disappointed? Bouwe: No. I said it yesterday. Records are made to be broken. I think we had yesterday 2 hours without 20 knots of breeze. That's how it is. It's all right. It's all about the leg, who wants to win the leg.