Charlie on a sheet. Nick talks about nicknames. "Chaz? Chunkle?" Phil: Like Captain America. BeChazzled is probably a good one for Charlie. Chaz Michael Michael. Mark: Peking Duck. Peeking out. Phil: Is Charlie good at sitting still? No. Mark: On a scale of 1 to chill, Charlie is more toward the 1 side of the scale. Nick: Charlie can't sit still. Stacey: Charlie doesn't sit still. He doesn't know the meaning of sitting still. Phil: The nice way to say is he's got ants in his pants. Tony: Flutters around like a bee. Mark: Too much coffee sometimes. Nick: Doesn't know what to do with his hands most of the time... Pirouetting, going back and forth. Charlie: If we all wore pedometers I might have the most. Which is unusual given that I'm at the back of the boat. but most of my steps from from the nav station back to the helm... Some of it's probably fidgety. Why?