Crew gets gear on below. Lucas: Out there it's pretty wild at the moment. 30-35 knots of wind; boat's doing 30-35 knots down the waves. Half the time you're not really in control. Just hanging on for dear life. But it's fun. Brian, getting dressed: Pretty spectacular downwind sailing. We're going to be sailing downwind for the next 2000 miles to Cape Horn. Pretty spectacular. Brian: Few things less fun than pulling off wet foul weather gear... Once they get on deck it gets a whole lot better. But the act of getting on the gear is not fun. Bianca: My hands are sore. My neck is sore... She gets her gear on. Lucas talks about how getting your kit on to go on deck is at least a half-hour operation. Like trying to get dressed standing on the back of a flatbed truck going 100kph down a bumpy road. Smallest moves become nearly impossible. Bianca: Pretty bumpy, pretty wet, pretty windy. But this is what we love doing. So it's pretty awesome to get up on deck for another 4 hours.