Nicolas, on the weather rail in his boxer shorts, trims his nails. Henry (I think?) who is trimming the mainsheet ahead of him, holds out his free hand; Nicolas trims Henry's nails. Nicolas explains that he's going to clean his teeshirt. Below, we see Nicolas in his shorts washing his shirt in the galley sink. In the cockpit, Annalise steers and Henry (?) jokes to Dee: "He's definitely a navigator. Everyone else brings there... high performance boxers, and he just brings his cottony flowery ones. 'Eh; I'm never gonna be on deck.'" Below, Nicolas washes his clothes in the sink. "In order to finish the leg as a human and not an animal." Liz, on the aft pedestal: "Yeah; he's a bit random. But I guess he is french. I guess it wasn't his choice to be french." We see Nicolas's flowery boxers hanging form the boom to dry as he heads below.