Stern cam footage of washing machine. Cockpit washing machine shots. Pole shot outside the rail. Trystan, below: It's good, it's wet. Averaging 23, 24 knots. And current, so doing 25 knots over the ground. Alex, below: It's like getting a firehose in your face for 3 hours. And then going back down to go to sleep for 3 hours and then doing it again. Slomo washing machine in the pit. Toweling off below. Getting in a bunk. Spreader cam shot of major whitewater in the cockpit. Trystan: Pretty relentless. Just takes it out of you. Pretty energy sapping. But conditions are pretty stable, not gybing a lot. Not too bad. But relentless. Cockpit washing machine. Slomo. Alex: It's probably the last long leg where we have long periods of just sending it as hard as we can.Drone shot of Scallywag approaching. Washing machine shot from the cabin. Witty with glasses at the nav station. 415 miles to the doldrums. Roll the dice. Would be nice to have a 15-mile lead instead of a 28-mile deficit to Akzo, but it's still going to come down to how they play the doldrums. Slomo washing machine. Antonio eating. "It's been relentless every day... Tough conditions." Looking forward to drying out in the doldrums. Haven't been dry in a weak. Slomo of Witty taking spray in the face on the helm. Closeup of the winch. Marcus talks about how he hasn't been across the equator yet. A little bit nervous. Witty: "King Neptune might be on board but it's not me." Ben grinding. Witty on the helm as they sail fast.