Kevin, below: Not the best night on Dongfeng. We've been quite slow. We don't know why. It's been quite windy. 65-80 wind angle. Lot of wind; 30-40 knots. 2 reefs and J2. Slow; hard to know why. Very annoying. We're behind MAPFRE, and Brunel passed us, Turn the Tide, and AkzoNobel. We are now back ahead of Turn the Tide. But still a lot of work involved to come back at least on Brunel and MAPFRE to be able to play something on the next leg for the final victory. Crew in the cockpit. Other boat to leeward (TTToP?).Neti, below: Windy night; still windy now. 40+ knots. Big waves as well. Brunel found out a mode of sailing that is giving (something); so yeah; he's sailing faster than us. I don't know what's gonna happen with Brunel. Hopefully when (something) we can hold on better with them. We are pushing the same, the race is being decided these days, so we are pushing as fast as we can. They have found a mode that's faster than us. We're faster than them downwind; they're a bit faster than us upwind. Stern cam, mast cam, spreader cam shots of cockpit of them sailing in high winds.Jérémie, below: "We are full speed in 35 knots of wind. It is quite intense." Pascal, below: "It's good for everybody in the team when we lead when we start the race, of course... It was quite exciting... With this boat we have to use a big sail and push, to push, to push... [grins] I think sometimes it is good to stay inside."