Stern cam / crash cam shot of MAPFRE sailing on port gybe. There's a bang, and the boom drops and the main flops. This must have been when the head of the main tore free. A crewmember shouts: "Aaaaahhhh!" GoPro (Garmin) shot from the crewmember up the mast (Ñeti?). "¡Un poquito!" There's glue and stuff on the mast. The torn upper edge of the lower part of the main is visible. They approach their support boat at anchor. Drone shots of them rafted alongside. Someone on the shore team talks in Spanish. Pablo: In one sense we were lucky to break so close by. Ñeti, covered in glue, talks about the attempt to repair the mast. He's more concerned about the mainsail. It's in two pieces. Quite a tricky repair with the material they have here and where they are. And it's quite cold, so curing is hard. In the dark, Xabi talks in Spanish about the repair attempts. I think he said departing in half an hour. Shots of them working on the mainsail. Glue, hot air gun, cluing the mast track. Time-lapse shot of them working on the mainsail repair. They pull away from the support boat in the night with wind howling around them.Xabi, on deck, talks in Spanish. They appear to be motor-sailing in protected waters close to shore. He talks about their suspension of racing. He then explains in English. Part of the mast track came unglued. Fought hard with ratchets and straps on the mast, not with the main working properly. Today, just as they pass Cape Horn they had a bad tear of the mainsail. So they have no choice but to try to fix this. Expects to spend 12 hours; will be challenging. They had a plan with their shore team just in case. He talks again in Spanish. Shot of the main torn in two. Sign underfoot says "Cabo de Hornos".