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Nicho, below, talks about how cool it was last night pushing in 28 knots of wind. Can't talk on deck; just focus on your job. When the front that they're on breaks down there will hopefully be some compression. Pressure on the team, and has been since they damaged the mast in Leg 3. He thinks they're a better team than where they're sitting overall. Nicolai, below, talks about Simeon getting blown off the wheel, making a big bang. "Only one thing can make a bang that big, and that's him falling off the wheel." He just ran for the wheel and grabbed it. Crash cam footage of the incident. Simeon: "Reminds me of when I fall out of a tree as a young boy." At the nav station, Jules talks to Nicho about Dongfeng doing a peel; maybe that's why they fell back. Nicho: "We're just quick Jules." Jules: "The other two are quicker." Nicho laughs. Washing machine shots on deck, closeup of the rudder. Cool fisheye perspective shots. Stacking, shot from outside the lifelines with a GoPro on a pole. Slomo washing machine. Spray. Brad grinding. Someone (Luke?) gives a thumbs up. "Finally moving!"

duration 00:04:03
leg Leg 6
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people Chris Nicholson, Jules Salter, Luke Molloy, Nicolai Sehested and Simeon Tienpont
published Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:13:10 UTC
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tags Blown Off The Wheel, Crash Cam, Discussing the competition, Dour Jules, Fall, Fisheye, Pole Shots, Pressure, Rudder, Slow-mo, Spray, Stacking, Stern Cam, Thumbs Up and Washing Machine
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