OBR Yann Riou

Capey at the nav station. Chart software. Night shots on deck. Instruments on the mast. A crewmember shines a flashlight up. Spray. Talk about needing a line to tack the J3 (I think?). Sunrise. Alberto on the helm. Sally with the sun behind her. Bouwe: Unfortunately the weather didn't do what it was supposed to do. Center of the high pressure is right on our track. Not very nice, but the only way for us to go. Other boats have a more lifted breeze, more pressure. The next 24 hours will not be very pretty. We'll go from being near the top to being even last. Stacking aft. Peter and Kyle grinding. Bouwe calls up the (expected) bad sched results. Instruments. Kyle: Distance to finish number doesn't really go down very quickly. Almost more painful than not having it there.

duration 00:03:55
leg Leg 6
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/7443.html
people Alberto Bolzan, Andrew Cape, Bouwe Bekking, Kyle Langford and Sally Barkow
published Sun, 25 Feb 2018 06:30:46 UTC
seconds 235
tags Bad Results, Chart, Discussing the competition, Flashlight, Instruments, Nav Station, Night, Sched, Spray, Stacking, Strategy, Sunrise and The Next 24 Hours Will Not Be Very Pretty
team Team Brunel
video url https://volvooceanrace-2017-18.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/cropped/m113920_13-06-180225-bnl-boatfeed-00001_HD.mp4