OBR Jérémie Lecaudey

Antonio looks through binoculars at AkzoNobel, sailing in light air a quarter-mile ahead of them. AkzoNobel a quarter-mile to leeward. Witty calls for crew to get out of the forepeak and right on the bow. At the nav station: Witty says "238 miles of this rubbish... Wait for the right opportunity. Patience..." Sailing alongsisde Akzo. Alex trimming. Witty: "Just press in the puff." Trystan: "Full on, isn't it? We'll keep changing watch; keep the fresh people going... They just got nudged ahead." Libby, looking at her tablet, calls the angle on the other tack. Tacking the MH0; AkzoNobel three-quarters of a mile ahead of them. Antonio: Tight to the end. Libby looking through binoculars: "Pretty patchy out where Dee is." Libby explains that they got too focused on Akzo, maybe, and didn't pay enough attention to TTToP. Marcus discusses whether they'll be able to stay ahead of TTToP. 100 miles to go. "Not having a meltdown just yet." Shot of TTToP on the horizon.

duration 00:03:58
leg Leg 6
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/7626.html
other boat Team AkzoNobel and Turn The Tide On Plastic
people Alex Gough, António Fontes, David Witt, Libby Greenhalgh, Marcus Ashley Jones and Trystan Seal
published Tue, 27 Feb 2018 01:16:52 UTC
seconds 238
tags 238 Miles Of This Rubbish, Binoculars, Discussing the competition, Favorite, Full On, Not Having A Meltdown Just Yet, Other Boat, Strategy and Tablet
team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag
video url https://volvooceanrace-2017-18.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/cropped/m114113_13-06-180227-shk-jrl-00001_HD.mp4