OBR James Blake

Liz looks through binoculars and reports on the boat ahead of them. Bianca talks about the intensity. Shot of AkzoNobel in front of land a mile or so away. Dee talks about how the boats behind have closed on them more than they thought. Drifting conditions, being in sight of the other boats is really hard work. Liz on th ehelm with other boats on the horizon behind her. Low-altitude drone shot of them drifting with land a few miles away.

duration 00:01:19
leg Leg 6
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/7639.html
other boat Team AkzoNobel
people Bianca Cook, Dee Caffari and Liz Wardley
published Tue, 27 Feb 2018 04:10:12 UTC
seconds 79
tags Binoculars, Discussing the competition, Drone, Finish, Land, Low-altitude Drone, New Zealand, Other Boat and Strategy
team Turn The Tide On Plastic
video url https://volvooceanrace-2017-18.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/cropped/m114125_13-06-180227-ttt-00002_HD.mp4