OBR Jérémie Lecaudey and Ugo Fonollá

Rob, in red light below, says as expected wind has built to 35-40 knots. Borderline survival conditions. Willy, below, talks in Spanish. Pablo, below, talks in Spanish. Something involving his gloves. Sophie, below, says when you're holding the mainsheet it's always wet. "For me that's the coldest time for my hands. It's basically painful." The other thing about doing the main, she says, is that you're not really moving. "So after an hour and a half of that you get pretty cold." Willy talks in Spanish. Rob: In previous Southern Ocean legs got massive torrents of water through the boat, wiping out the helmsman. So we've built a wave breaker, which is on leeward side now so it's useless. Slomo shots on deck. Shot of the "wave breaker" (a mesh on the railing in front of the wheel) on the starboard (leeward) wheel.

Slomo washing machine in the cockpit, with camera being washed into th wheel. Below, Stacey: "It's hard work, actually." Surfing and plowing into the waves brings water over the deck. It's cold, and 45 knots. More slomo washing machine shots. Someone on the stern (I think Phil?), trimming the main, has a whole discussion about how bad the conditions are, how it's cold and no one's talking. "Am I scared? No. A little bit bored and friggin' cold." This isn't his idea of an ocean race to Brazil. "How many days is it to Cape Horn? Four." He calls out to TJ on the pedestal: Which would he prefer: the doldrums or this? TJ: "Neither!" Nick: "We went from 8 miles behind Dongfeng, took our mainsail down, and somehow ended up 3 miles behind them." Jeremie laughs; "maybe take the main down!" Nick: "That's what we said; make it way easier." Slomo washing machine. Favoriting for Jeremie's getting out in the elements and getting such good personal stuff; really conveys what it feels like to be in the cockpit on these boats in these conditions.

duration 00:02:53 and 00:03:03
language Spanish
leg Leg 7
people Nick Dana, Pablo Arrarte, Phil Harmer, Rob Greenhalgh, Sophie Ciszek, Stacey Jackson, Tom Johnson and Willy Altadill
published Sat, 24 Mar 2018 08:12:00 UTC
seconds 173 and 183
tags A Little Bit Bored And Friggin Cold, Am I Scared, Borderline Survival Conditions, Brazil, Cold, Doldrums Or Southern Ocean, Favorite, Gloves, Main, Not His Idea Of An Ocean Race To Brazil, OBR, Slow-mo, Spanish, Strong Winds, Surfing, Translation Needed, Washed Off, Washing Machine and Wave Breaker For Helm
team MAPFRE and Vestas 11th Hour Racing
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=295GLDBR1Cg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri5s5aOnycY