OBR Sam Greenfield

Dee, in sunrise: It's Easter Sunday. And if we're good boys and girls we'll get Easter Eggs. But what we really want is a working rig on starboard. Lucas: New rules of the boat: Can't sail on starboard. Only on port. Sort of like a one-legged duck. (he quacks) Liz: we can't sail with the full main, cant' sail with any masthead sails, can't slam into any waves, can't say the f-bomb on deck because someone might think we've just broken the mast. Bleddyn: [Something about poo bags. Probably just as well I can't understand.] Liz explains she'll go up with a spanner and try to get the spreader back in while someone on deck leans on the stay to try to pop it back. "Someone biggish." They look at Frederico. "It's not going to break?" They laugh. Liz goes aloft. Gopro (garmin) footage. "Strops are on." She uses a grinder on deck to shave down the wrench. Bleddyn: We have a grand total of 1/4 turn. So about 40 steps to go. Frederico bounces on the stay. Dee and Brian talk by the wheel; Liz cheers from the mast. "Dee! It's done!" Dee: "Now that's an Easter chick if ever I saw one." Liz: This spanner is going into the Hall of Fame. Henry: 2018 years ago, Jesus rose from the dead. And we've just resurrected our mast. Liz, in the dark, talks about the screwing in. Below, Franscesca: "It's a miracle." Dee: "The race is back on." "1000 miles to go you guys." Gopro shot of liz signing the mast with a white pen: "01/04/2018 Rig = 0 // Liz = 1 !!!" Plus a tongue-sticking-out happy face.

duration 00:04:18
leg Leg 7
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/8833.html
people Bleddyn Mon, Dee Caffari, Francesca Clapcich, Frederico Pinheiro de Melo, Henry Bomby, Liz Wardley and Lucas Chapman
published Mon, 02 Apr 2018 09:52:21 UTC
seconds 258
tags 1000 Miles To Go, Breakage, Can't Say The F-bomb, Easter, Favorite, Going Aloft, GoPro, Happy Face, Mast, Mast Repair, Poo Bags, Quacking, Repair, Signing The Mast, Sort Of Like A One-legged Duck, Spanner, Spreader, Spreader Repair, Sunrise (and 1 others)
team Turn The Tide On Plastic
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zU7l7ImKaQ