OBR Martin Keruzoré

Tony working in the pit. Charlie on the helm. Washing machine as Vestas sails fast on starboard tack. Sargasso weed closeups on deck. Stacking on the weather rail. They sail thorugh a huge mass of weed. Boat slows way down; makes a rooster tail. Nick looks over the stern at the rudders. "Weather one's clear." He takes a boathook to the leeward rudder as they heel to windward. "There's a piece of rope on it." He shows the rope, then loops it around Martin and jokes that it's Neptune's Necklace for Martin's "first south-to-north equator crossing". Crew working on the foredeck.

duration 00:04:13
leg Leg 8
people Charlie Enright, Nick Dana and Tony Mutter
published Tue, 01 May 2018 23:28:19 UTC
seconds 253
tags Boat Hook, Clearing Weed, Flotsom, Foredeck, Helm, King Neptune, OBR, Pit, Rudder, Sargasso Weed and Washing Machine
team Vestas 11th Hour Racing
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QTmQ1mhCQE