OBR Ugo Fonollá

Rob, below, talks about how they've been holding off AkzoNobel for the last day. They're to weather of them. Won't really know for 24 hours until they gybe. The scheds have been bouncing around a lot. 5, 10 miles gained and lost. They've generally done well on the guys ahead. 1000 miles to go and we're sitting in 5th or 6th, but 4th's not that far away. Third's not likely I guess. Front coming in might help. A point's a point. Anything we can salvage will be good. Blair on deck: Beautiful tradewind sailing the last few days, but we've been doing it from 5th or 6th position, trying to catch the guys in front. Keep working. A couple of opportunities ahead. Crossed the outbound track to Capetown. Gonna keep fighting, gonna win this thing. Tamara grinding. Surfing. Blair grinding in slomo. Tamara, on the aft pedestal, turns away from the spray. Xabi uses a hand-bearing compass to look at a competitor to weather. "82/84 I would say... 7 miles."

duration 00:03:55
leg Leg 8
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/10365.html
people Blair Tuke, Rob-greenhalth, Támara Echegoyen and Xabi Fernández
published Sun, 06 May 2018 03:38:39 UTC
seconds 235
tags 1000 Miles To Go And Sitting In 5th Or 6th, A Point's A Point, Discussing the competition, Favorite, Gonna Keep Fighting, Gonna Win This Thing, Grinding, Hand-bearing Compass, Sched, Slow-mo and Strategy
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7PTkcJBEJQ