OBR Sam Greenfield

Going through locks. Spectator boats. Bouwe hugs the jumper goodbye; he jumps off. Peter: It's not good timing, but you should drop it in somewhere that over half that crew is under 30. Good knowledge. Carlo on the foredeck. More horse, more carrots. Peter on the helm in the prestart yells at MAPFRE: Hold your course! He's altering course here! (Looks like a port-starboard with Brunel approaching on port and talking ahead and to leeward of the starboard-tack MAPFRE.) Bouwe holds up a protest flag. Bouwe: Come down, you're early. Big dip! Dongfeng on their stern. Capey looking at the fleet. Carlo on the foredeck as they tack. Bow with ripples. Carlo: We were over the line for a minute, but managed to squeeze back. Struggling to get some speed going. Luckly we have the tide with us. All trying to reach this pressure line. Spectator RIB with a Brunel flag. Capey points out wind to Peter on the helm. Carlo: A lot of tacking here. Decision between current and breeze. MAPFRE drifting to port. Kyle talks about not much wind. Dongfeng from last to first. MAPFRE not so lnicely. TTToP drifting through a tack. Sun reflections on the water. Slomo drifting.

duration 00:04:42
leg Leg 10
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/11890.html
other boat Dongfeng Race Team, MAPFRE, Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag, Team AkzoNobel, Turn The Tide On Plastic and Vestas 11th Hour Racing
people Bouwe Bekking, Carlo Huisman, Kyle Langford and Peter Burling
published Mon, 11 Jun 2018 01:56:29 UTC
seconds 282
tags Big Diip, Current, Glassy Conditions, Jumper, Light Conditions, Locks, More Horse More Carrots, Other Boat, Protest, Reflection, Rib, Slow-mo, Spectator Boats, Start, Tide and Under 30
team Team Brunel
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-Djju9Ke-0