OBR Jérémie Lecaudey

Three other boats to weather. TJ points, and makes a happy dance. Charlie talks about the different winds between the two boats. TJ: When we hit that (ridge) there's going to be a big parkup. Hopefully we get into that all right, and get out of it all right, and we're in first place. Jena to Tom: Can you count from 1 to 15 in Danish? Tom does it. Jena: Nice. Last leg we spent 10 days trying to learn to say (something in Danish). Up the hill. That's what this is right now. She has Phil on the helm say something in Danish. She laughs. She gets a licorice from him.

duration 00:02:59
language Danish
leg Leg 10
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/12213.html
people Charlie Enright, Jena Mai Hansen, Phil Harmer and Tom Johnson
published Tue, 12 Jun 2018 09:52:10 UTC
seconds 179
tags Big Parkup, Danish, Discussing the competition, Favorite, Language Lesson, Licorice, Other Boat, Strategy and Translation Needed
team Vestas 11th Hour Racing
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKTeZmGAyF8