OBR James Blake

Amazing sunrise drone shot with AkzoNobel sailing across in front of it. Luke on the helm: I'd say everyone is shattered. It'd be a good word. This has probably been the longest stretch of sleep for people. Unfortunately Brad and I are on watch while everyone else is getting this great sleep. I think in total we've probably had an hour since the start, of solid sleep. But that's the race; it's a short leg. It's part of what we do. Lots of corners, lots of places to see, different countries. Stacking. Drone shot of pulling J1 forward for a sail change. Brad, hanking on the J1, talks about not having sleep. Getting up able to see all the boats. Almost a restart. Feeling hopeful as well. Simeon: Back in the same spot we were 24 hours ago. All compressing in. Leaders are just 5 miles in front, hitting a wall of no pressure. Drone shot with sunrise. Luke: We keep on pushing because if we're going to take the effort to be out here, might as well push and try to win the leg. Doesn't mean too much for overall points for us, but if we're all going to be together and do our last race, we'll do the best we can. Sunrise.

duration 00:03:47
leg Leg 11
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/13387.html
people Brad Farrand, Luke Molloy and Simeon Tienpont
published Sat, 23 Jun 2018 04:42:19 UTC
seconds 227
tags Back In The Same Spot We Were 24 Hours Ago, Compression, Drone, Favorite, Foredeck, Hanks, J1, Last Race Together, Lots Of Corners, Lots Of Places To See, Motivation, Part Of What We Do, Restart, Shattered, Sleep, Stacking and Sunrise
team Team AkzoNobel
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvQ2a8x6tmU