Stacey: 2 days left. it's been a tough leg. forecast didn't work out. and took a bit of a beating. and a lot of drifting and tide. Not many miles but a lot of hours on the race track. Phil drives. Instruments on the mast. TJ eases the runner. "Straightening her up. Creating a bit more power, hopefully. Or the wind might come back and I'll put it back on... Small gains." TJ: Two days. Looking for a first place. Interesting weather coming up, some games to play. The bungee cord will pull everyone back in, and play some jungleball at the end. Stacey: We did the physically tough bit; now we have the mentally tough bit. Potential passing lane. Which is what we need, because we're sat back in fourth place now. Kind of hoping for a lottery, to be honest. We're pretty good in the light. Proved that crossing the doldrums in leg 4. Build the anchor early.