Nicho, below, talks about the loss of John Fisher. A good man. Deeply affected; offer our thoughts to his family and friends. Slomo on deck; albatrosses flying past Southen Ocean waves. Nicho: From their own boat's point of view, has been full-on Southern Ocean conditions. Coldest one he can remember in quite a while. Has given them a bit of a beating. The place is beautiful and ferocious at the same time. "I'll be glad to get out of here."Epic drone shots of Brunel surfing on starboard gybe while a bird (a petrel, maybe, rather than an albatross? looks a little small for an albatross) checks out the drone. Same configuration as in the previous Brunel-surfing-big-waves drone shots: Deeply reefed (triple-reefed?) main, and then the FR0 and the J3, each sheeted to an outrigger. Makes sense to reduce the sail area of the main for these conditions. More control = faster when the issue is control, not sail area.