OBR Jérémie Lecaudey

Washing machine shot of cockpit. Slomo spray. Marcus, below, talks about how wet the boat is. "I've never seen boats like this. They are just So. Wet. It's epic. It's good fun though. Nonstop spray in your face; no reprieve." Fish, below, talks about fast sailing. Slomo spray on deck. More spray. Annemieke talks about holding on, it's pretty bumpy. Slomo spray washing over Annemieke. Alex at the nav station, with Libby behind him, makes a wrap with a tortilla and something in it. "It's almost like normal food." To Libby: "Cutting the corner again." Witty talks about food, mangoes. Libby talks about how the northern group will get into some lighter winds and they'll be able to close some distance. Shots of nav software. Fish: "It's all to play for. Like we saw in the last leg going the other way." The nav team is pretty happy with where they are and where they're going, and he has every confidence in them.

duration 00:03:55
leg Leg 6
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/6450.html
people Alex Gough, Annemieke Bes, David Witt, John Fisher, Libby Greenhalgh and Marcus Ashley Jones
published Sun, 11 Feb 2018 16:18:26 UTC
seconds 235
tags Almost Like Normal Food, Confidence, Cutting The Corner, Food, Nav Software, Nav Station, Slow-mo, Spray, Strategy, Tortilla, Washing Machine and Wet Boat
team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag
video url https://volvooceanrace-2017-18.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/cropped/m112732_13-06-180211-shk-jrl-00002_HD.mp4