OBR Yann Riou

GoPro (Garmin) shot as Yann films on the foredeck. He goes forward and puts the Peter Gabriel cam on Carlo, who's hanking on the J1. Carlo grins.

duration 00:00:37
leg Leg 6
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/7073.html
people Carlo Huisman
published Tue, 20 Feb 2018 07:06:05 UTC
seconds 37
tags Foredeck, GoPro, Helmet Cam, J1, OBR and Peter Gabriel Cam
team Team Brunel
video url https://volvooceanrace-2017-18.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/cropped/m113464_13-06-180219-bnl-00002_HD.mp4