OBR James Blake

Distant drone shot of AkzoNobel sailing with the sunset behind them. Luke, below: Unfortunately we've just found out that the wind has gotten lighter. We're going to be out here another two days or so. At least we're not neck and neck with another boat. Drone shots of them sailing wiht the MH0 in 10 knots of wind. Nicolai on the helm: To be honest I don't mind too much. I'd rather get in and get some rest, but we shouldn't complain. A lot of people had it a lot worse than we did. We've got through this leg in a really good position; we should be grateful for that.

duration 00:01:24
leg Leg 7
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/8907.html
people Luke Molloy and Nicolai Sehested
published Wed, 04 Apr 2018 17:57:34 UTC
seconds 84
tags Drone, Light Winds, Mh0, Shouldn't Complain, Sunset and We Should Be Grateful
team Team AkzoNobel
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtc_BKTs8YQ