OBR Jérémie Lecaudey

High drone shot of Dongfeng sailing in light winds. Low drone shot. Kevin on the helm: We know we have two groups of boats. One going south in front of the front. Three of us who have gybed. Now we know that the ones who stayed in front of the front are doing better than us. Now we're working hard. We took this position; we'll see. Pascal and Stu argue about effects of current if they bear away or not. Marie and Kevin talking. Horace: Last night was a bad dream. We almost stopped in the ocean. He looks up at the main. "More mainsheet?" Kevin driving. Stu: I find there's nothing productive in getting upset about stuff you can't control. For example, the other guys who are cruising off, with a nice breeze, there's nothing we can do about that at the moment. The best we can do is to sail well with the wind we have. As long as we're doing well with the boats around us, that's all we can do. Might end up a day behind, but it won't be through lack of trying. Marie talks in French. Nav station: Pascal looks at routing. Closeup of a winch grinding. Another boat a few miles away ahead and to leeward: Looks like TTToP (yup; tracker confirms). HIgh drone shot.

duration 00:04:53
language French
leg Leg 9
other boat Turn The Tide On Plastic
people Chen Jinhao 'Horace', Kevin Escoffier, Marie Riou, Pascal Bidégorry and Stu Bannatyne
published Tue, 22 May 2018 23:09:49 UTC
seconds 293
tags Almost Stopped In The Ocean, Best We Can Do Is To Sail Well With The Wind We Have, Current, Doing Poorly, Drone, French, Last Night Was A Bad Dream, Light Winds, Nav Station, Nothing Productive About Getting Upset About Stuff You Can't Control, Other Boat, Routing, Split, Translation Needed, We Took This Position and Winch
team Dongfeng Race Team
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57hJuuHRhog