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Brian in the hatch talks to the helm about Dongfeng and their course. He comes up and talks to Dee at the middle pedestal. Bianca, below, talks about it being frustrating that they don't have the pace the others have. Liz: Always more stressful when you have all the boats around you. Right at this moment we're going pretty bad, so it's been a pretty stressful 4 hours... We're getting overtaken... Bagging a sail on the foredeck. Ratcheting down the stack. Bianca, sounding emotional (or a little seasick. But I think probably just emotional): We've come close to getting podium finishes. Frustrating... As a team we've grown so much. We came together really late, and we've dedicated 10 months of our lives to trying to sail with each other. Really want a podium finish. Failing that, we want to get a couple of boats between us and Scallywag to move up in the standings. It's been fantastic sailing with this lot. And it's kind of sad coming so closely to an end. Have to make the most of these last two legs, because this might be the last time we all sail with each other. But it's been awesome. They're all family now. Bianca sprays water on Liz, then on herself. Helmsperson raises his/her arms. Liz, below: Going pretty good. Gonna be a pretty tough night. Washing machine shot through the hatch. Grinding. Liz: Finishing the race with Scallywag behind us... I don't wanna come last. We don't deserve to come last. We've been quicker on the water; just maybe haven't had as much luck.

duration 00:04:03
leg Leg 10
link http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/12551.html
people Bianca Cook, Brian Thompson, Dee Caffari and Liz Wardley
published Wed, 13 Jun 2018 22:13:14 UTC
seconds 243
tags As A Team We've Grown So Much, Dedicated Ten Months Of Our Lives To Trying To Sail With Each Other, Discussing the competition, Emotion, Favorite, Foredeck, Frustration, I Don't Wanna Come Last, Luck, Performance, Podium, Spray Bottle, Stack, Strategy, They're All Family Now, This Might Be The Last Time We All Sail With Each Other and Washing Machine
team Turn The Tide On Plastic
video url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6AEoXTxojg